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Get ready to Bounce to Soca

Chipping down the road on Carnival Monday and Tuesday  may soon be a thing of the past, that is if twin sisters Raakeebah Mann and Okeemah Henderson have their way with the new Karnival Bounce.
The Sisters was part of a recent Soca on the Seas  Cruise spreading what they called Soca Bounce Fitness which is a high intensity, low impact cardio workout on  specially designed boots called Kangoo Jumps.
Okeemah got so excited with the Soca Bounce fitness, she decided she wanted to play mas in her bouncy boots…. and the rest is history Karnival Bounce was born.
The boots and the concept may look a bit intimidating but Raakeebah explained, “It  is all about core, and everybody has core, some weaker than others.” They offer classes to get you up to speed.
According to Okeemah once you get comfortable in the boots you are unstoppable, “You can wine, twerk and get on bad on the road.”
This is a new phenomenon moving across Carnivals in the US and North America, the bubbly and bouncy sisters are intent on spreading it through the Caribbean with sections of masqueraders bouncing to the sweet sound of Soca.
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