Fete & Food ! Fatima 2023 – CATHARSIS !

CATHARSIS ....The annual Fatima All Inclusive Fete, one of the major fundraisers for the school, is the perfect way to kick off Carnival week!!
For all the carnival enthusiasts, this fete is well placed in the season for that last burst of Carnival adrenaline !
As usual the FOBA Team executed a great fete and food experience.
The eagerly anticipated roast pork, stuffed curry crab dumplings with shrimp, an array of dim sum, lamb sliders, grilled pork tenderloin, bbq ribs, plaintain beef rolls, corn soup sancoche, bake and shark, shrimp accra, stewed and jerk horse meat, bbq pigtail, oxtail puffs were just some of the dishes patrons enjoyed.
For those with the sweet and sour tooth, a range of desserts including cheesecake shots, ice cream, local sweets and a variety of chows were ready for indulgence.
And of course a range of beverages for quenching !!
Congratulations team FOBA !!