1 800 FIRE COCKTAIL – Tyrone Benjamin

Created by Tyrone on Foodies and Friends


2 oz 1800 Tequila 

6 oz Tomato juice

2 oz Old El Paso Taco Sauce 

1/4 oz Lime juice

3 slices Jalapeno 

1/4 tsp Green Seasoning (Shadow beni, pimento, celery, garlic)

Pinch of salt to taste

Pinch of black pepper 

Garnish: Lime wheel and grilled shrimp 

Glass: Pilsner


  1. In your mixing glass add jalapeno, 1800 Tequila and muddle to release flavors.
  2. Add all other ingredients and stir in to incorporate all flavors.
  3. Pour over into glass with ice, garnish and serve.

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